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  • Recommended

    Recommended usage

    1 serving (2 levelled scoops or 30g) twice a day.

  • Available

    Available in

    Vanilla flavour (200g & 400g Jar).

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    Exceptionally packaged

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Vidavance is a nutrition supplement that offers 35 key ingredients to improve diabetes control in people with Type II diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Power of Certi 5

Vidavance is fortified with Certi5® signature nutrients that supports diabetes control, management of glucose spikes, and help control overeating in people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

  • Dual Protein

    Dual Protein

    Contains high quality Soy Protein Isolate (SUPRO®) and Caseinate with all essential amino acids to support daily protein requirements1

  • Dietary Fiber

    Dietary Fiber

    Soy fiber & Polydextrose contribute to decrease in postprandial glycemia and supports diabetes control in Type II diabetic patients2,3

  • Cr



    Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels4

  • Zn



    Contributes to maintenance of normal vision5

  • Metabolic Nutrients

    Metabolic Nutrients

    Iron, Iodine, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B12, Pantothenic acid, and Manganese contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism, Vitamin A contributes to normal iron metabolism, and Vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism

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